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Having unwanted pests in your home is never a pleasant experience, and can cause you a lot of distress. Here at Quickutilities.net, we understand what you’re going through, and are here to help. Any time you find yourself in need of a dictated and professional pest control service in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania to the south, and Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont to the east. In the face of adversity due to pest infestation, you will always find us on your side with immediate assistance. We work around the clock, are always available for emergency 24 hours pest control in New York, and cover all surrounding local areas.

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Pest Control for Home, Office, and Apartment

Anxious? Frustrated? Are pests taking over your home, leaving you feeling uncomfortable in your safe space? Worry not. New York’s best pest control service is available for your satisfaction. All the professionals and certified exterminators from Quick Utilities step in and take care of your all pest control problems. With our innovative pest control solutions and our expert pest protection program, we can guarantee you will face ease in your home again, 24*7 365 days a year. Pests are something that you never want to see in your home, so we know how uncomfortable it can be to have a pest control problem.

That’s why at Quick Utilities we have incorporated our innovative pest control protection program. Not only do we want you to get back your peace of mind, but we also aim to provide the best services in a friendly, timely manner. With our pest control protection program for homes, offices, and apartments in New York City you can expect the following benefits:

  • An in-depth pest control consultation and pest inspection.
  • Implementation of a customized pest treatment plan for the best and most effective treatment
  • Four seasonal pest treatments are designed to proactively treat your property before becoming an issue
  • Structural repairs, closing easy access points for pests at an additional cost

Perfect Bed Bug Treatment Available in the US

While Quick Utilities has more than 20 years of experience treating bed bugs, we don’t use the same methods pest control companies used 45 years ago. Our bed bug exterminators use modern, innovative bed bug treatments that are chemical-free and eco-friendly because your family’s health and safety are our number one priority. Bed bugs are one of the most uncomfortable. Our bed bug exterminators go through extensive training, preparing them to tackle any issue, no matter the extent. Fully equipped and ready to help, we not only guarantee your bed bug problems to be solved but that they are done so with excellent customer service, every time.

Our Bed Bug Removal Process

Bed bugs can be scary. That is why we created a strategy that allows us to safely and efficiently get rid of your bed bug problem for good! When you work with Quick Utilities Pest Control for bed bug removal, you can expect:

  • A thorough HEPA vacuum system of infested areas. One of our trusted bed bug exterminators will vacuum the mattress, box spring, cracks, and crevices with our top-notch HEPA vacuum system, allowing us to get 99.7% of pests removed, including cast skins, nymphs, and loose eggs that may block the complete penetration of pesticide application.
  • Use of steam vapor system. Steam vapor allows our exterminators to provide bed bug treatment with deeper penetration. The high temperatures of the vapor will destroy any eggs that have been deposited into the carpet edges, box spring, and mattress in an efficient manner. After vacuuming, the steam vapor system may be used around the perimeter of the room, including carpet edges, over the mattress, and box springs.
  • Application of bed bug treatments to the affected area. Treating with top-of-the-line desiccants, and residual sprays, our bed bug exterminators are fully equipped to eradicate your problem.
  • Encapsulation of the treated area. Post-treatment, bed bug-resistant covers are installed on mattresses at an additional charge, potentially saving hundreds of dollars.

You Can Count On Us

Our main concern at Quick Utilities Pest Control is that you feel safe in your home, protected from the harmful effects of bed bugs. With over 45 years of experience in bed bug control, our staff is educated and experienced, ready to tackle your bed bug problems, no matter the size. With a professional attitude and a friendly face, it’s simple – our job isn’t done until you are satisfied!

Bed Bug Treatment You Can Trust

When treating the area affected by bed bugs, our educated, experienced exterminators complete a very thorough process. Our process allows us to eradicate bed bugs from your home in the most efficient manner possible, either through our spray, thermal, or steam treatments. When treating the affected area, our bed bug exterminators may treat:

  • Bed frames, box springs, and mattresses
  • Headboards, nightstands, and all other furniture in the affected area
  • Carpet edges, door saddles, doorjambs, and closets
  • Outlet covers, switch plates, and wall voids
  • Curtain rods and window frames

Termite Treatments in New York

Don’t let termites destroy your New York home. At Quick Utilities Pest Control, our mission is to protect your home from these costly, damaging pests by inspecting, eliminating, and preventing termites from making a meal in your home. We even offer free quotes on our termite treatments - there will be no surprises when you partner with us!

Rodent Control in New York

If you’re dealing with a rodent problem, it can feel like a never-ending trial. Maybe you’ve tried DIY rodent control, only to find the problem has gotten worse. Our team at Quick Utilities Pest Control understands that certain pests can cause you to feel like a prisoner in your own home, which is why we developed our expert rodent control system, in order to eradicate your rodent problem. Having over 40 years of pest control industry experience in New York City (Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Westchester County) under our belt, our exterminators are highly trained and fully equipped to handle your rodent control problems, no matter the size.

Cockroach Control in New York

Here in New York, you see all kinds of pests roaming around, but the most common are roaches. These pests can contaminate food, induce allergies, but, more importantly, take up all of your free time. With the help of Quick Utilities Pest Control, you can eliminate cockroaches for good with our cockroach control in New York. Our exterminators will provide you with professional solutions and excellent customer service. If you’re dealing with a roach infestation, don’t wait any longer! Get in touch with us to take back control of your home.

Your Best Bet Against Cockroaches

Often referred to as the “apocalypse survival bug”, roaches can survive almost any given situation. Our cockroach control in New York will provide you with effective roach elimination without the worry of them still lurking around. When you join forces with our trained exterminators in New York, we will implement revolutionary bait technology in your home. This technology contains a food attractant combined with abamectin, a highly effective insecticide.

Here’s what else our roach bait technology offers:

  • Simple crack and crevice application: our New York roach exterminators apply treatment in cracks and crevices that roaches live in, away from your personal living space.
  • Efficient and long-lasting results: you can generally expect several months of control from a single application.
  • Low odor and toxicity: the formulation is virtually odorless and contains a minimal amount of its active ingredient, which has very low toxicity.

Once you’ve contacted one of our expert New York roach exterminators, you will want to prepare the treatment areas. Some of the things you can do to prepare are emptying out cabinets, removing bags and boxes that can harbor insects, removing all exposed food, and cleaning areas where food particles and debris may accumulate such as under the refrigerator. Here are five more roach removal methods.

Ant Control in New York

Although ants may just seem annoying and harmless, it is important to recognize that they too have the ability to pose a serious risk to you, your loved ones, and your home. When faced with an ant infestation, large or small, call in the professionals at Quick Utilities Pest Control. Our ant control in New York targets the source of the infestation so you can rest assured your home will be ant-free in no time.

The Key to Treatment: Proper Classification

There are many different ant species in New York, each of which brings about a unique set of challenges. That’s why it is important to count on a company that understands these differences. Here at Quick Utilities Pest Control, our ant control in New York is designed specifically to target the four most common ant species found in the area. Some of the species we specifically target are:

Odorous House Ants

This specific species of ants have begun to pose a serious issue to West Chester homeowners in recent years. What makes so them difficult to treat on your own?

  • They don’t respond to traditional ant baits.
  • DIY treatments can make the problem worse.
  • Ther colonies contain thousands of workers and numerous queens.

With these ants, complete eradication often takes multiple professional treatments.

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